The new Campfire Knits is here!

The first chapter in Campfire Knits’ book has come to a close. I’m not going anywhere, but it’s time to make some changes so that my business more accurately reflects my personal values. In short, here’s what's new:

  • new yarn bases (all my previous yarn bases have been discontinued)

  • new heavy metal-free dyes

  • new recycled (and recyclable!) packaging, stickers, labels, and more.

Read on to learn about the details!


Starting in January 2021, I have an entirely new collection of yarn bases, and have discontinued all bases I’ve used in the past. This is for a number of reasons:

  1. When Covid hit, the supply chains for yarn became strapped. My previous supplier was a popular one, and many of their bases would go out of stock moments after they were replenished online. It was a challenge, and seemed to be the perfect opportunity to explore new options.

  2. I want to support more local businesses. My new provider is located in Maine, milling all of their yarns on-site. They maintain the ethical and non-mulesing practices that are of the utmost importance to me in selecting my fibers, and they’re a family-owned operation.

  3. I want to differentiate! With so many independent dyers purchasing from a handful of major suppliers, there was a lot of similarities in the market. I’m so excited to introduce these new bases and see what sorts of items you all create with them.


  • Cottage, a fingering/sock weight yarn that’s 90% superwash wool and 10% nylon for some added strength. Between the four plies and its sturdy wool content, this has both fantastic drape and displays stitch texture and definition like a champ. 435yd/100g.

  • Cabin, a light worsted/DK weight made from 100% superwash wool. You can make the same types of garments and items as my previous Bonfire base, but with some added durability. 248yd/100g.

  • Cozy, a winter-exclusive base, is the squishiest, springiest bulky yarn I’ve yet to find. It’s perfect for quick gifts, or a self-indulgent speedy sweater. 100% superwash wool, 92yd/100g.

  • Breeze, a summer-only base, is a drapey, luxurious DK weight. At 65% superwash wool and 35% bamboo, it takes dyes up differently than yarns with 100% animal fibers. This yarn is perfect for quick summer shawls that you can toss into your beach bag as a cover-up, or to keep your shoulders toasty in the evenings. 246yd/100g


Prior to 2021, I used acid dyes like most independent dyers. There’s nothing wrong with using these dyes, as long as folks are responsible in application, rinsing, clean-up, color exhausting, etc. However, I’ve just had a “gut feeling” for the last year or so that these types of dyes just don’t align with who I am. In my personal life, I spend (maybe too much) time researching companies I buy from, where they source their materials, etc. And while I do very much enjoy the company I bought my dyes from, I thought there might be something that made me feel a bit better. Of course there’s always plant-based and natural dyes, but that also wouldn’t give me the type of looks I love to create.

That’s when I found dyes that are produced by a company in Connecticut, which are free of heavy metals and are OEKO-TEX Standard 100 compliant. They manage to maintain these standards and have super vibrant colors. Which means you’ll be bringing home a product that’s just as beautiful, but is created with more environmentally-friendly processes in mind that require fewer steps to treat the water and fibers.


While I’ve been using recycled/reusable mailing envelopes and business cards for a long time, I knew there was more I could do. I’m committing to sustainable packaging by providing the following:

  • Recycled/recyclable envelopes that can be used a second time.

  • Recycled/recyclable mailing stickers, with backing material that can also be recycled.

    • Side note: did you know that most sticker backings can’t be recycled??

  • Recycled/recyclable tissue paper to pack shipments.

  • Recycled/recyclable logo stickers.

  • Recycled/recyclable hang tags on each hank of yarn.