My Story

Connecting a love of art and nature.


I founded Campfire Knits, originally thinking I might spend some of my commute to work knitting, and selling those items. Then I thought to myself, "But what if I dyed yarn, too?" So I bought some dyes, grabbed a few bare balls of yarn, and produced some truly, truly terrible colors.

Honestly, they were awful.

But I didn't give up. Soon, I started allowing my color palette to guide the way, and things just clicked. I began creating nature-inspired colors; things I held in my memory and wanted to wrap myself up in (literally and figuratively).

Photo: Wasatch National Forest, Utah. Taken by Kera Murphy, 2016.

about me

Hi! My name is Kera. I've spent most of my life in New England, but lived in Park City and Salt Lake City, Utah for a few years as I spent some time working at a ski resort, then later working at the University of Utah and getting my masters degree. Now I work full time in higher education, helping students hit their personal and academic goals.

I grew up doing all kinds of crafts; knitting, sewing, painting... you name it, and I probably did it. I fell away from knitting for a short while, but picked it back up with great fervor in 2012.

As the business name suggests, I'm also a big fan of the beautiful outdoors. I go hiking whenever I am able, rode a bicycle across the country one time, and spend ample amounts of time in my garden during the warmer months.

Oh, and I love coffee.