Our Yarn

Wool Sourcing

I source my yarns from small fiber mills in New England: one in Maine, and the other in Vermont. Wool is provided from local and/or non-mulesing farms.

The Dye Process

All of my yarns are 100% hand-dyed by me in small batches. I use locally sourced colorfast heavy metal free dyes, and ensure that all colors are fully absorbed and set before washing with a gentle soap. Many yarns are left to set overnight, which allows for the most complete dye absorption and reduces the risk of color crocking or bleeding.

Caring for your Yarn

Storing your hanks, WIPs, and finished objects

  • If you won't be using your yarn for a little while, you're putting a WIP (work-in-progress) off to the side, or storing your finished item, I suggest storing them in a sealed container such as a zip-top bag or cedar chest. If you can, try to keep your yarn with moth-repellant sachets or cedar pieces. Moths love to nibble on natural fibers, so be sure to inspect your yarn every now and then for damage.

Washing and drying your finished objects

The following bases contain superwash-treated yarn, which can withstand being put through the washing machine. However, I always suggest for the best results that items be washed by hand in cool water and laid flat to dry:

  1. Cottage (90% superwash wool, 10% nylon)
  2. Cabin (100% superwash wool)
  3. Cozy (100% superwash wool)
  4. Breeze (65% superwash wool, 35% bamboo)

Rustic is my non-superwash wool base, and absolutely must be hand washed in cool water with very little agitation, and laid flat to dry away from high heat.

Standard Yarn Bases

sock/fingering weight

Cottage: 90/10 superwash wool/nylon | 435yds/100g | 4-ply

DK weight

Cabin: 100% superwash wool | 248yds/100g

Seasonal Yarn Bases

DK weight

Breeze (summer)65/35 superwash wool/bamboo | 246yds/100g | 3-ply

worsted weight

Rustic (autumn/winter): 100% American wool (non-superwash) | 140yds/58g | 2-ply

bulky weight

Cozy (autumn/winter): 100% superwash wool | 92yds/100g | 2-ply